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Generation Zero: The Rise of Machines in Scandinavian Landscapes

Generation Zero

Avalanche Studios has presented a curious game in which players have to shoot not from zombies or mutants, but from robots. And the trailer looks like it's not some kind of skiffs and transformers, but ordinary mechanical workers from car factories.

If you watched the trailer to the end, you obviously heard the familiar motive from the artistic "Terminator" movie.

The idea is obvious - the game and cinema are united by the idea of ​​machine uprising. But if in the film AI created a real army designed to exterminate the insidious humanity, then in the Generation Zero mechanical soldiers are more like automatic collectors of solaris.

You can see a similarity with the advanced models of the adorable girls from Boston Dynamics who rebelled against the mockery of "leather bastards". Only then the date is not at all the same - lovely nonsense will rebel in about ten years, remembering all the moved drawers and flip flops, and the plot of Generation Zero unfolds in the 80s of last century in Sweden.

Last time for developers of similar games the way to declare about dynamic weather, change of day and night, and also the seamless world has settled. Therefore, Avalanche Studios, which managed to work on Renegade Ops, Mad Max, Just Cause, Kizi and RAGE 2 (has not yet come out), in its first stand-alone project promises almost the entire set of standard sandbox survivors.

Very little is known about the distinctive features of the game. To the delightful delight of the tired public, they told us not about the unique weeping and drying robes of the convicts (Scum, who pirilas on such a trifle, received badly expected feedback from beta testers, but NieR: Automata with the same system, but practically not illuminated - good ).

No, we learned that players will have to partake in the Swedish forests, alone or in a group of up to four people, organizing a real strong family. Swedish. While you are preparing to hunt for steel monsters, they will be relatively calm in their daily affairs, if they are found in the wild. Indeed, what will they be doing there? Gnaw trees because of the hatred for organic?

So, you will engage in hunt for murderers, and they will certainly try to track you down. If during a fight the players understand that it's time to wind down, then all the damage they have caused will remain on the enemy, and when they meet him in a day or a week, they can finish off the piece with less problems.