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Equestria Girls Games


Equestria Girls - this is probably the most visited category on any gaming site because almost all the girls with incredible trepidation refer to pretty beauties from Equestria. As ponies, and in general, all representatives of the cartoon "Friendship is Magic" have many of their personal friends. In our case, you will find many different adventures associated with a particular character.

It must be said that the key figures in the game for girls are such ponies as Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, as well as Sparkle and Princess Celestia. Of course, these girls of Equestria should be familiar to you, but we consider it necessary to remind you of them. All the adventures of the pony began with the fact that some bad guys decided to harm the fabulous world of kids. Link to games.

In a word, you, as a direct participant in the game about the girls of Equestria, must make every effort to return the crown to the charming sparkle. You will be assisted by guys like Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Pony Applejack. We hope that at the end of this fascinating adventure, you will be very pleased with the author’s wonderful ideas. Feel free to leave comments on the pages you like the most. After a while, you will notice how other users comment on your words and link to them. Let the games of Equestria Girls and charming pony girls bring you lots of pleasant moments!