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FIFA 19 Game Announcement


Even more control of the ball, even more shine on the faces of popular players. FIFA 19 will be released in September and it seems that Pro Evolution Soccer will finally be finished.

This year, as is known, is the next FIFA World Cup. All the talk is just about him. Football then, Russia se. Why not talk about football again? Moreover, all the teams participating in the main event of the summer will fall into the game.

So, FIFA 19 has no competitors. And either you play it, or you do not. At E3 2018 Coole Spiele said that it continues to improve the game, although it's much better. So we are waiting for a small change in the modes, control, physics of the ball and all the technical aspects of the game.

That's what is important for the fans, so this is the appearance in the game of the UEFA Champions League. Yes, the latter was taken from Konami. As if it were not enough for FIFA to be one of the best-selling games in the world. So in fact on the cover will appear Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and forward PSG Neimar, which guarantees the success of millions of boys around the planet.

FIFA 19 will go on sale on September 28, 2019. Fashion does not spare anyone - faces from the cover and early access for pre-order of special editions.