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Plasmo Voice Chat Mod Minecraft

Plasmo Voice Chat Mod Minecraft

Plasmo Voice chat is a free voice chat mod for Minecraft game that can be used on the server without the need for each player to have it. That is, it is enough to install the mod only on the server and all players will be able to use voice chat even if they do not have this mod installed. It is important that the Spigot core be installed on the server.

The chat itself has a user-friendly interface, 3D audio, a bunch of settings and functions. By default, in order to open the mod settings menu, you must press the "V" key. Detailed instructions for installing chat on the server can be found here.

➡️ Download mod:

Monster School Challenge Games

In Minecraft, a new oral year begins, which means that the students of the monster school, in which Herobrine is the main teacher, are waiting for a series of fun adventures. Why don't you join the block world characters and have some fun with them during this challenge?

⛏️ Play Online Part 1:

In the process of teaching the students of the school of monsters of the cubic world, various lessons await. During each of these lessons, Noob, Huggy and other characters will participate in various kinds of entertainment, including parkour, water park and more.

Herobrine is waiting for the students at the finish of each level. Your task is to help the characters overcome the obstacle course by jumping at the right moment (left mouse button).

⛏️ Play Online Part 2:


  • Platform: Web browser (PC, mobile phones and tablets)
  • Technology: HTML5. Works in all modern browsers

Minecraft Animation | 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 22, 2022, Russia launched an unprovoked full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Death, destruction and grief have come to the homes of an entire people who heroically fight against an overwhelming army of zombies. This Minecraft animation is based on real events and has its own view of the near future.

Everything will be Ukraine!

What Are Minecraft Seeds?


What Are Minecraft Seeds?

Have you ever wanted to start a Minecraft game in an interesting world with a beautiful view or a village nearby? And also, so that there is a temple and a high mountain nearby? It happens that I create dozens of worlds until I find a suitable place for my new home.

But if you do not want to suffer, choosing a world for yourself, you can use the key to generate the world or a seed.

Each world that is created in the Minecraft game has its own number (seed).

All Biomes Around Island Seed! Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition

When you create your world, its seed is generated based on the system time of your computer. There are so many different seed variations that if you create 1000 worlds every day, you will exhaust all variations in just 10,000 years. For example, Minecraft 1.16.2 Seeds can consist not only of numbers, but also of letters that will be automatically converted into numbers. You can create a world by entering your date of birth or your name. Quite interesting results are sometimes obtained.

The beauty is that if your friend introduces your seed when generating his world, he will have a world that is completely identical to yours. Therefore, seeds can be exchanged and published on the Internet.

Two Villages and Two Mansions Seed | Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition

How to find out the seed of your map?

Enter the /seed command in the chat

If you have an interesting world, share your seed in the comments.

How do I generate a map with a specific seed?

When creating a new world, go to "Additional world settings" and indicate the number in the window.

Attention! Seed may not work properly if intended for a different Minecraft version.

Fighter Patrol 42 Game

Fighter Patrol 42 Game

Not a single combat battle is complete without serious air support. Huge airplanes, filled with rockets and bombs, soar upwards to destroy enemy military equipment and shoot down ground targets. Strictly speaking, this is exactly what you have to do. Choose the model of the aircraft that you like best and go on a decisive flight. Complete the mission entrusted to you and try to save your fighting machine. Remember, damage can cause not only enemies. If you lose control and crash into the ground, you will inevitably break. Good luck!

The Fighter Patrol 42 game is available here:

How to earn DASHcoin

How to earn DASHcoin

Alternative to Bitcoin cryptocurrency Dash can be earned in several ways.

Since there are many different opportunities to earn Dashcoin, this guide does not provide a complete list of all sites. Instead, it will introduce you to different strategies with links to some of the best sites and give information on how to find more.

Earn DASH from Faucets

Faucets are sites that pay you a small amount of DASH, usually in exchange for a security check (Captcha), proving that you are a real person. These sites earn on ads that are based on the fact that you will go on advertising links between intervals in anticipation of the reward.

If you are looking for a very simple and fast way to get a free Bitcoin, then Faucets are the best choice. As you collect coins between intervals, they accumulate on your balance up to a certain threshold, before the coins are paid to your wallet, which saves you from overpaying transaction fees.

The rewards, as well as the intervals and thresholds, are different at each site. Despite these differences, it is quite simple to use Faucets, you just need to enter your Dash address, fill in captcha, in some cases enter your email address and you can instantly earn some free coins.

Dashcoin Faucets are fun, but you won’t earn much DASH on them. Faucets are designed mainly to start and get acquainted with cryptocurrencies.

Dora the Explorer Flash Games

Dora the Explorer Flash Games

A teaching cartoon with a girl named Dora has gained immense popularity among children's audiences. It is time not only to watch cartoons, but also to play with Dasha games for girls and boys online. You are waiting for exciting adventures, interesting tasks and the opportunity to learn a lot about animals and the world around. Together with Dasha Traveler, you will play sports games, solve puzzles, search for missing things, go to school, cook food, visit a doctor and be able to treat patients yourself.

Example: Dora the Explorer Swiper's Big Adventure Flash Game

You will be accompanied by friends of Dora - cousin Diego, monkey Slipper, Map and Backpack, squirrel Tiko and iguana Isa, as well as the Tank Engine, Mr. Toucan and bullhead Boris. To miss Dasha, the tracker will not be let out by the little fox Rogue - in some games you will try to find a thief in the forest, in others you will help him to cope with the assigned tasks. Do not waste a minute and start playing free flash games for girls.

More videos:

In addition to the main characters above, in the cartoon and games you will encounter minor goodies: a bull in a blue scarf, A train, Tiko squirrel in a colorful coat, a bird Mr. Toucan, a lover of flowers and iguana pastries Isa.

Valentine's Day Hairdos Girl Game

Valentine's Day Hairdos Girl Game

Valentine's Day is approaching, and the girl is preparing for an exciting evening in the company of her beloved.

You need to help her to celebrate the holiday fully armed. In particular, we are talking about a fashionable hairstyle that will delight others. Choose one of the three styling options and proceed to its implementation. For work you will have all the important tools, and you can use them as intended. Follow the game tips that are detailed and understandable here. You will have a great hairstyle!

You can play the game here

Valentine's Day is nearing, and the heroine of the game decided to make a beautiful haircut in honor of the holiday. She chose you as a hairdresser, and now you have to work with her gorgeous hair.

First, choose the hairstyle you’ll be doing. There are three options to choose from. Once you decide, you can proceed directly to the process. The game takes place step by step, and on the screen you will see detailed tips, thanks to which you will be able to quickly cope with the task.