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Unravel Two - Cooperative Adventure Puzzle Game

Unravel Two

At the well-known conference EA presented the continuation of the cozy but uninteresting platformer Unravel. The drawbacks of the previous part will be corrected by the introduction of the cooperative.

The hearts of many journalists and Friv Games players are full of romance, tenderness acts on the palms of the platformers with characters resembling naive children's toys. And when the picture is supplemented by a melancholic ambient, critics are simply spreading, leaving damp tracks in the form of 10/10.

Alas, the original Unravel lacked the charm to get everyone's approval, so the evaluation it received was average. Did not help the dull gameplay feeling of coziness, created by the game, did not win the hearts of players rope Yarny man with sharp ears.

One failed - two went. Yarny is now two - red and blue. Their ends are united in one thread with the help of a spark of love, and they will carry this friendship through many trials, which will now become much more difficult. Oh, how fraternal it is to touch each other's ends.

And you can say, they say, the game is for children. Not really. Such games usually attract the attention of adult romantic individuals, especially couples, where one of the halves aggressively tries to penetrate into the world of gaming interests of another, but does not have the necessary skills and concentration to master Dota.

In addition, puzzles will indeed be complex. If in Unravel puzzles were based on the fact that the player had to manipulate a long thread, unwound from the body of the hero, then in Unravel Two will have to monitor two characters. It will be awkward if one man has enough threads to reach the end of the level, and the second does not! And the problems themselves promise to be difficult, with elements of acrobatics and other quirks.

People who can not find a couple or lose it during the passage, too, will be able to fully experience the world of Unravel Two. Characters are simply intertwined with each other into a single red-blue body, which can be divided to alternately control the figures when solving puzzles.

The journey to the souls of developers is already available to players, because the game was released on June 9, 2018, immediately on the day of the announcement.

History of iPhone 4

iPhone 4

Not every phone is so desperately loved and no less desperately hated. Each new generation of iPhones is met as a worldwide event, on the following days after the announcement, all the media just write about the novelty. Of course, we could not pass the iPhone 4 and tested it as soon as we could buy it.

By tradition - a little history. January 9, 2007 at the MacWorld conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the world a truly revolutionary phone. The new iPhone was "one in three faces" and combined a mobile phone, an Internet tablet and an iPod touch. The device blew up the mobile world and became a hit, despite the fact that he was not deprived of shortcomings. All manufacturers rushed to make their "killers" iPhone, but none could provide users with an equally convenient and simple touch interface.

A year later, on June 10, 2008, at the WWDC conference, Apple showed the second generation of its popular phone - the iPhone 3G. The handset was slightly changed externally, and also corrected a lot of hardware and software shortcomings of the first model. In particular, there was support for GPS.

A year later, WWDC saw the light of the third model - the iPhone 3GS. Strangely enough, but in her many were disappointed, since there was nothing particularly revolutionary in the tube. The design remained unchanged, the speed of work increased, the camera and the iPhone壁紙 screen design improved, a digital compass was added. In general, most decided not to change their 3G to 3GS and wait for something more interesting. And while they waited, competitors did not stand still - the young and actively developing Google Android OS started to achieve great success. Many interesting devices, an open platform, convenient touch control, scalability - all this attracted. Well, the technical specifications of "top" guglofonov noticeably "did" even the iPhone 3GS. In general, the phone from Apple in front of the giving positions, more and more often said that Jobs is about to imagine something like this, to keep interest in the iPhone afloat.

The work was boiling in Apple, but the surprise was spoiled - a few weeks before the announcement, a company employee lost a prototype of a new iPhone in the bar. He was found by a lucky man who sold the media tube for fabulous money. Although Apple blocked the prototype remotely, the journalists wrote a big review of the device, which broke all records for its popularity. For several days everyone was discussing whether this is an iPhone or some kind of fake, and if the real one is a coincidence of its loss or the planned PR-action of Apple (as is known, the company always closely monitored the secrecy when creating new products, and here such a "puncture" "). The oil was poured into the fire by Steve himself, saying that the new iPhone would be the best one that he created in life.

In general, June 7, 2010 long-awaited announcement still took place - the world saw the iPhone 4. "Everything has changed. Again, "- said on the Apple website on this memorable day. Indeed, the new iPhone was no longer secondary, like the 3GS model. Of course, this is not a revolution, as in the case of the first iPhone, but there are still some interesting technical innovations from the tube. First of all, you can not fail to mention the screen with an excellent resolution of 960x640 pixels, a gyro, a glass case. However, let's take care of everything in order - we present you with a detailed overview of the new iPhone 4. I'll just note that the handset once again beat all the records of popularity - it was written about a lot, said, but only for the first "weekend" was sold almost 1.7 million iPhone 4. According to the data for the middle of July, their customers have already found more than 3 million iPhones.

Generation Zero: The Rise of Machines in Scandinavian Landscapes

Generation Zero

Avalanche Studios has presented a curious game in which players have to shoot not from zombies or mutants, but from robots. And the trailer looks like it's not some kind of skiffs and transformers, but ordinary mechanical workers from car factories.

If you watched the trailer to the end, you obviously heard the familiar motive from the artistic "Terminator" movie.

The idea is obvious - the game and cinema are united by the idea of ​​machine uprising. But if in the film AI created a real army designed to exterminate the insidious humanity, then in the Generation Zero mechanical soldiers are more like automatic collectors of solaris.

You can see a similarity with the advanced models of the adorable girls from Boston Dynamics who rebelled against the mockery of "leather bastards". Only then the date is not at all the same - lovely nonsense will rebel in about ten years, remembering all the moved drawers and flip flops, and the plot of Generation Zero unfolds in the 80s of last century in Sweden.

Last time for developers of similar games the way to declare about dynamic weather, change of day and night, and also the seamless world has settled. Therefore, Avalanche Studios, which managed to work on Renegade Ops, Mad Max, Just Cause, Kizi and RAGE 2 (has not yet come out), in its first stand-alone project promises almost the entire set of standard sandbox survivors.

Very little is known about the distinctive features of the game. To the delightful delight of the tired public, they told us not about the unique weeping and drying robes of the convicts (Scum, who pirilas on such a trifle, received badly expected feedback from beta testers, but NieR: Automata with the same system, but practically not illuminated - good ).

No, we learned that players will have to partake in the Swedish forests, alone or in a group of up to four people, organizing a real strong family. Swedish. While you are preparing to hunt for steel monsters, they will be relatively calm in their daily affairs, if they are found in the wild. Indeed, what will they be doing there? Gnaw trees because of the hatred for organic?

So, you will engage in hunt for murderers, and they will certainly try to track you down. If during a fight the players understand that it's time to wind down, then all the damage they have caused will remain on the enemy, and when they meet him in a day or a week, they can finish off the piece with less problems.

FIFA 19 Game Announcement


Even more control of the ball, even more shine on the faces of popular players. FIFA 19 will be released in September and it seems that Pro Evolution Soccer will finally be finished.

This year, as is known, is the next FIFA World Cup. All the talk is just about him. Football then, Russia se. Why not talk about football again? Moreover, all the teams participating in the main event of the summer will fall into the game.

So, FIFA 19 has no competitors. And either you play it, or you do not. At E3 2018 Coole Spiele said that it continues to improve the game, although it's much better. So we are waiting for a small change in the modes, control, physics of the ball and all the technical aspects of the game.

That's what is important for the fans, so this is the appearance in the game of the UEFA Champions League. Yes, the latter was taken from Konami. As if it were not enough for FIFA to be one of the best-selling games in the world. So in fact on the cover will appear Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and forward PSG Neimar, which guarantees the success of millions of boys around the planet.

FIFA 19 will go on sale on September 28, 2019. Fashion does not spare anyone - faces from the cover and early access for pre-order of special editions.