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What Are Minecraft Seeds?


What Are Minecraft Seeds?

Have you ever wanted to start a Minecraft game in an interesting world with a beautiful view or a village nearby? And also, so that there is a temple and a high mountain nearby? It happens that I create dozens of worlds until I find a suitable place for my new home.

But if you do not want to suffer, choosing a world for yourself, you can use the key to generate the world or a seed.

Each world that is created in the Minecraft game has its own number (seed).

All Biomes Around Island Seed! Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition

When you create your world, its seed is generated based on the system time of your computer. There are so many different seed variations that if you create 1000 worlds every day, you will exhaust all variations in just 10,000 years. For example, Minecraft 1.16.2 Seeds can consist not only of numbers, but also of letters that will be automatically converted into numbers. You can create a world by entering your date of birth or your name. Quite interesting results are sometimes obtained.

The beauty is that if your friend introduces your seed when generating his world, he will have a world that is completely identical to yours. Therefore, seeds can be exchanged and published on the Internet.

Two Villages and Two Mansions Seed | Minecraft 1.16.2 Java Edition

How to find out the seed of your map?

Enter the /seed command in the chat

If you have an interesting world, share your seed in the comments.

How do I generate a map with a specific seed?

When creating a new world, go to "Additional world settings" and indicate the number in the window.

Attention! Seed may not work properly if intended for a different Minecraft version.