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Unravel Two - Cooperative Adventure Puzzle Game

Unravel Two

At the well-known conference EA presented the continuation of the cozy but uninteresting platformer Unravel. The drawbacks of the previous part will be corrected by the introduction of the cooperative.

The hearts of many journalists and Friv Games players are full of romance, tenderness acts on the palms of the platformers with characters resembling naive children's toys. And when the picture is supplemented by a melancholic ambient, critics are simply spreading, leaving damp tracks in the form of 10/10.

Alas, the original Unravel lacked the charm to get everyone's approval, so the evaluation it received was average. Did not help the dull gameplay feeling of coziness, created by the game, did not win the hearts of players rope Yarny man with sharp ears.

One failed - two went. Yarny is now two - red and blue. Their ends are united in one thread with the help of a spark of love, and they will carry this friendship through many trials, which will now become much more difficult. Oh, how fraternal it is to touch each other's ends.

And you can say, they say, the game is for children. Not really. Such games usually attract the attention of adult romantic individuals, especially couples, where one of the halves aggressively tries to penetrate into the world of gaming interests of another, but does not have the necessary skills and concentration to master Dota.

In addition, puzzles will indeed be complex. If in Unravel puzzles were based on the fact that the player had to manipulate a long thread, unwound from the body of the hero, then in Unravel Two will have to monitor two characters. It will be awkward if one man has enough threads to reach the end of the level, and the second does not! And the problems themselves promise to be difficult, with elements of acrobatics and other quirks.

People who can not find a couple or lose it during the passage, too, will be able to fully experience the world of Unravel Two. Characters are simply intertwined with each other into a single red-blue body, which can be divided to alternately control the figures when solving puzzles.

The journey to the souls of developers is already available to players, because the game was released on June 9, 2018, immediately on the day of the announcement.