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How to earn DASHcoin

How to earn DASHcoin

Alternative to Bitcoin cryptocurrency Dash can be earned in several ways.

Since there are many different opportunities to earn Dashcoin, this guide does not provide a complete list of all sites. Instead, it will introduce you to different strategies with links to some of the best sites and give information on how to find more.

Earn DASH from Faucets

Faucets are sites that pay you a small amount of DASH, usually in exchange for a security check (Captcha), proving that you are a real person. These sites earn on ads that are based on the fact that you will go on advertising links between intervals in anticipation of the reward.

If you are looking for a very simple and fast way to get a free Bitcoin, then Faucets are the best choice. As you collect coins between intervals, they accumulate on your balance up to a certain threshold, before the coins are paid to your wallet, which saves you from overpaying transaction fees.

The rewards, as well as the intervals and thresholds, are different at each site. Despite these differences, it is quite simple to use Faucets, you just need to enter your Dash address, fill in captcha, in some cases enter your email address and you can instantly earn some free coins.

Dashcoin Faucets are fun, but you won’t earn much DASH on them. Faucets are designed mainly to start and get acquainted with cryptocurrencies.