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Want to tickle your nerves or get your adrenaline rush? Then, rather, start playing Piti Juegos online and see that in half an hour you don’t start to fear your own shadow. To whom it is more like the plots in which you need to break your head, there is also not one section on our portal. We prepared for free various intellectual quests and the rest of the chic yummy.

The girls will be delighted to play in the plots, in which the favorite heroes of the cartoons will have to be dressed, painted, made hairstyles and sent on a date. And boys are traditionally waited for tanks, war games, fighting games, action games and strategic online games with the possibility of leveling characters.

Start playing in any of the plots and do not forget to leave your reviews and rate under the ones you like! Welcome to the free world of entertainment!

Alaska Websites Review


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A collection of Alaska Websites Review tools will help you to obtain various data about the server, IP address or domain name. The tools will help you find out the name, IP address of the server, see the WHOIS data of the owner of the IP address or domain, as well as a lot of other useful information.

Equestria Girls Games


Equestria Girls - this is probably the most visited category on any gaming site because almost all the girls with incredible trepidation refer to pretty beauties from Equestria. As ponies, and in general, all representatives of the cartoon "Friendship is Magic" have many of their personal friends. In our case, you will find many different adventures associated with a particular character.

It must be said that the key figures in the game for girls are such ponies as Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, as well as Sparkle and Princess Celestia. Of course, these girls of Equestria should be familiar to you, but we consider it necessary to remind you of them. All the adventures of the pony began with the fact that some bad guys decided to harm the fabulous world of kids. Link to games.

In a word, you, as a direct participant in the game about the girls of Equestria, must make every effort to return the crown to the charming sparkle. You will be assisted by guys like Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Pony Applejack. We hope that at the end of this fascinating adventure, you will be very pleased with the author’s wonderful ideas. Feel free to leave comments on the pages you like the most. After a while, you will notice how other users comment on your words and link to them. Let the games of Equestria Girls and charming pony girls bring you lots of pleasant moments!

Angry Birds Rio Game


The game Angry Birds Rio, which can be played free of charge online at the site, created by the plot of all the famous cartoon "Rio." actions will take place in the city of Rio De Janeiro, which is located in a very amazing country of Mexico. There, and sent a small detachment of evil birds to release their friends from captivity. The creators pleased us with a new version of the game with evil birds - Angry Birds Rio.

So, the main task of evil birds will be to free their friends, exotic Rio birds, from captivity. To do this they will be able to break the cells in which the birds of Rio are imprisoned. Remember the laws of physics, charge evil birds into the slingshot and produce accurate shots on the cells. In your management there are different kinds of birds, which cause completely different damage. Scattering birds, fast yellow, ordinary red and others. Together they are able to destroy any obstacles to save their friends.

After each shot, the flight path of the bird will be noted on the screen, which will make it easier for you to aim before the next shot. With each level the game will become more complicated, the cells with the birds will be much larger and they will be hidden behind a pile of boxes, as well as wooden, glass and iron blocks. Slowly take a shot after the shot to hit and smash all the cells. Release all the birds of Rio and let them fly free as soon as possible!

Cool Friv Puzzle Games

Cool Friv Puzzle Games

Puzzle games - one of the oldest and most popular genres of computer games. Puzzles in computer games are the same classic puzzles, but now you can play them on your computer and you do not need to buy new games, because you can just play online Friv games on site. You do not need to spend much time or money. All games are free and there are a lot of them. Such games will be very useful for children and in general for any person who wants to develop mentally, and not stagnate on the spot.

You might think that puzzles are boring and you need to think long, hard, and there's no fun in it. In fact, this is not so. Modern developers create such Flash and HTML5 games, that you will not even begin to think that this game is somehow connected with this genre. In modern games you will find an interesting story, beautiful graphics with high detail, an interesting story, during which you will have to solve complex and funny puzzles to go through the game further. For example, there are such games in the genre "Search for items." In such games you need to search for items and on the basis of the found items solve secrets. But in these same games there are also interesting Friv, which also need to be decided in order to move on. Or even in some action-game you also need to solve puzzles in order, for example, to open the door and go further.

Because if you decide to play online games, then you have made the right choice. In such games, you definitely will not be disappointed. Moreover, our site has a wide variety of them. It's like simple games, where you need to solve specific puzzles, and games with an interesting and exciting storyline, where you also are waiting for mini-games in the form of logic. In general, puzzles began to emerge in ancient China, but now you can meet games from a variety of developers.

Creating a Good Minecraft Server

Minecraft servers

As you do not try, a beginner can not create a quality Minecraft server. Yes, he can be good, but he will be far from a quality one. It will take a long and hard work to develop the project before it becomes so. And it may be necessary to survive several projects before there is a good unique idea that people will like and will gather their permanent audience. Because in this business there are many subtleties and variety, and not created> optimized. Players are becoming more insolent and demanding, they are not surprised. Competitors are also constantly fussing. New versions, new plug-ins, new mods are coming out. We need to keep up with the times and be aware of the events.

Beginners do not like it when they are crushed. After all, experience does not guarantee great knowledge and many skills, some of them remain silly. It is possible to understand everything and create a good project from the first time, being a beginner. And it is true.

You can very well prepare for launching, for a long time and detail experimenting at home. But to check everything, we need live players. And their interests should also be taken into account. The configuration of the home PC and the purchased server will be different, there something can work not so. In general, it will take some work after the start.

Experience is really an important thing. In the presence of convolutions of the correct form, it turns into valuable knowledge and skills.

Examples Minecraft servers by country:

United States:









Youtube Videos:

Step 1: idea

To do this, you need to play on a dozen servers and read descriptions of hundreds more, chat on forums. To be aware of what kind of server there are.

After that, you need to come up with something of your own. By no means imitating another server!

For example, the Health Bar is popular. And it's lazy to configure for yourself and on dozens of servers it looks the same. It is necessary to fix it! Or do not use it at all.

Step 2: Developing the Idea

To think up an idea is not enough. This is only the basis, something like a slogan. To make it look finished, you need to work it out. You need to think through the whole world of the server in detail, all the interactions of the players.

Especially the economy should be thought through. It can make the game too simple or too complicated. It depends not only on the desire to purchase a paid service, but also the love of the server, the time spent on it.

Minecraft server team

Step 3: Implementing the Idea

The most important stage! It is on him that you can turn a brilliant idea into slag and rotten stuff into a masterpiece.

Assemble the team

It is highly desirable to have assistants, because one person can not manage everything. Even if he does not study and does not work, it will still be difficult. Must be true friends with distributed roles.

And it must be people who will often play in Minecraft! Because players regularly ask for help. If no one is online, you can lose money or grow anarchy.